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Commissioned Pastors

Process for Commissioned Pastor Pathway


Commissioned Pastors CONSISTORY Form 2021

CP Preach Elder Min Diff 2018

Candidates for Ministry

Form One Fillable 2021

Form No 2

Form No 4 – 24 month rule waiver

Form No 5 Petition for Cert of Fitness


Committee Exam Report Form-fillable pdf

Administrative Support for Churches

Tips for an Effective Leadership Team Meeting

Guidelines For Taking Meeting Minutes

By-law notes from Howard

Election Guidelines

Severe Weather Policy Final

Personnel Committee

Elder Minute Review


MissionInsite Request Form-fillable PDF


Small Church Forum

Small Church Forum Bibliography

Simple Saturation Movement

Small Church Video (General Synod 2018)

Contracts & Calls (CCAT)

2022 Ministerial Salary Guidelines

2022 Church Staff Compensation Guidelines

Worksheet for Calls & Contracts 2022

Benefit Exempt Form- part-time minister

Minimum Salary History v2

Comparison Chart Call v Contract v3.2019

Checklist for Approving Contracts 2019

Checklist for Approving Calls 2019

Waiver Template 2019

Sample Contract.MoW&S

Commissioned Pastor Contract Approval Guidelines v5

Housing Allowance Explanation

Making Sense of the Minister’s Housing Allowance

RCA Employee Assistance Program (FREE Mental Health Benefits)

Specialized Ministers

Specialized Minister Policy – GLCC

Church Plants

RCA Church Multiplication 

New Congregation Plan (NCP) 

Church Planting Mobilization Risk Factor Analysis 

Church Supervisors

(A) Steps to take when a Minister Leaves

(B) Transition Pastor Roll

(C) Supervisor Role

(D) Exit Interview of Pastor

(E) Exit Interview of Consistory

(F) Application for Dissolution

(G) Covenant of Separation

(H) Severance Agreement

(I) Search Team Process

(J) Church Profile Form 2020

(L) Minister Call Form 2020

(M) Bimonthy report

(N) Supervisor Expense Report

(O) Pastoral Search Handbook 2020

RCA Office of Ministry Services