History of Classis

 The Classis of Grand River was organized in 1869 with six churches.  During the same year five other churches were organized, three of which were soon lost by transfer or disbanding.

In 1923 the classis was reorganized and the boundaries were realigned.  Now called the Classis of Grand Rapids, it consisted of twenty-three churches.  Twelve of these churches were received from the former Classis of Grand River and eleven were from the former Classis of Muskegon.

At the fall session of 1954 the Classis of Grand Rapids was divided into the Classis of North and South Grand Rapids, with Wealthy Street as the dividing line.  The Classis of South Grand Rapids had eighteen churches, including three churches in Ontario, with 6,281 members.  The Canadian churches were transferred in 1962 to the newly organized Classis of Ontario.  When the Classis of Florida was formed in 1975, the Sky Lake Park Church of Orlando was transferred there.